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Pitch + Sprint

bg STEAM labs Pitch + Sprint: has facilitated over 50 clients internationally - all referred by word of mouth - in the areas of Pitch, Unicorn Toolkit, Company Culture, Gender/Diversity Parity, Engagement, Incubation and Sprint, in several languages.

Our BG STEAM labs team/network has served clients in the United States, México/Brasil/Latam, South Africa and Europe.

Each organization we have advised has had our client initiatives/projects chosen to move forward into incubation/funding.

Many of our network members, including our founder, KristinaMaría Troiano-Gutierrez, were contributors to the Exponential Transformations book on how to put "Unicorn" tools and methods into practice to become an "Exponential Organization", curators of the Exponential Organizations V2 releasing in 2021, and worked on the original ExQ/Exponential assessments of the Fortune 100 that was published by the ExO community.

BG STEAM labs' focus is on assisting clients in the areas of Pitch Prep and Presentation, Unicorn Toolkit, Company Culture, Gender/Diversity Parity, Project Incubation, Gamification/Engagement, Sprint Design and Delivery, Edge/Entrepreneurship Approaches, Quantified Self Devices, MicroBio/Genetics/BioTech, and Art-Tech, among many other areas, as demonstrated by our multi-genre'd client portfolio :-)

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